Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Truth

From Daily Wisdom for Mothers

"I call on you, O God, for you will answer me; give ear to me and hear my prayer." Psalm 17:6

When Allyson was only 3, she encountered an eight-legged friend who wasn't so friendly. That spider left it's mark - a large, black circle on my little girl's right calf. I hadn't noticed the bite that morning because Allyson had dressed herself. But shortly after I arrived at work, the phone rang.

"Michelle, you need to get Allyson to a doctor right away," urged my day care provider. "I think she's been bitten by a brown recluse."

Quickly, I drove to the day care, scooped up Allyson, and headed for the doctor's office. Panicked, I called my husband and unloaded. Then, I called my mother and cried some more while Allyson sat calmly in her car seat - no tears, no fears.

Then I heard her sweet voice say, "Don't cry, Mama. I prayed and Jesus is taking care of me."

In all of the confusion, I had neglected to call on the Great Physician. Thankfully, Allyson hadn't forgotten. She knew who to go to, even if her spastic mother didn't.

Allyson taught me a lot that day. She showed me that prayer should be instinctive. God should be the first one we "call" in every situation. Make sure He is first on your speed dial.

I find that I let my mind get filled with so many things in the course of a day, that I automatically get in the, "I have to fix this, I have to do that..." mode, even when it comes to things that are better left to God.
When Libby knocked her tooth out, there was a good 10 minutes of me trying to keep everyone else calm and trying to figure out what in the world I needed to do, before I finally realized that I needed God to help me. Finally, I prayed, "Lord, please clear my mind and tell me what I need to do here." Just that short prayer was enough to help me take my mind away from the chaos and focus enough to think.
I encourage you, through things big and little, to remember (even if it takes you 10 minutes or a whole day) to call on God for wisdom, for comfort, or even to cry out in dispair. He knows, He is there, He will listen, and He will provide comfort.
Go in Truth, and be renewed!


Courtney from mommie blogs said...

how beautiful to be reminded of prayer by a little one.

Great post and so true. actually remind myself today not only call on Him more, but praise Him more as well.

gardenmama said...

Courtney, I agree. Sometimes it is the minds of the little ones that remind us that our own minds are just too full! And yes, it is even sweeter to call on Him not just to ask Him for help, but to just say that we love Him.