Tuesday, January 31, 2017

4 Years

I sit across the table from her at our favorite coffee shop. She's smiling at me like she knows something that I don't. In a quiet moment between us both laughing loud and talking around mouthfuls of soup, she tells me, for the 10th time, that I need to start writing again.

I counter back with all of the excuses that I've given her before: I don't have the time, I don't know that I have the words anymore, no one really wants to hear what I have to say, and for goodness sake it's been over FOUR years since I've even written anything that anyone other than SHE has read. She just looks at me, because she knows I'm wrong and she knows that I know it, too. She tells me the same thing that she tells me every time I give her the limping-thin excuses.

"Just do it anyway. Just start writing."

And the truth is that God has been whispering this very thing to me for at least a year. My heart is full of a passion to seek Christ in my every day, to draw closer to Him, to be changed and sanctified to look more like Him, and especially to help other women do the very same thing. I stopped blogging over 4 years ago because life got busy and my heart grew weak from the emotional toll it takes for me personally to write blogs.

Because for me, to have anything to write that will help other women I first must learn it, first must feel the pain or experience the growth. The only way I know to authentically help someone else is to experience it myself first. And that's hard, man.

But God is telling me, with His own words and through the words of my best friend, that it is time to start again. And so, in the words that He Himself encouraged me with just yesterday, I will "just walk in obedience".

So, if there is anyone who happens to still come across this space and wishes to join this journey with me, I'll now be blogging at Like the Spring Rain. Maybe I'll see you there!