Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My poor little girl

Libby wanted to wear this Ohio State dress to church on Sunday, so I took a few pictures, thinking about possibly posting something about football season coming up. Well, I am glad that I did, because now I look at them and realize that they are the last pictures I took of her with all of her beautiful teeth. She knocked one of them out Sunday afternoon! Oh, it was terrible. She was climbing up the side of the recliner I was sitting on (which she's not supposed to do, mind you), and I leaned forward to get something (I think Hudson's binky had fallen) and she fell forward and hit her face on the end table and completely knocked her tooth out. We have been to the dentist, who said that everything else is alright, nothing else is broken, the whole tooth came clean out, and she will probably just have a hole in her mouth until she is 7. I mourn that tooth for her. She is doing great. I loaded her up with arnica for a few hours when it happened, and then chamomilla before bed and before we went to the dentist on Monday. I can't believe how well she did at the dentist. She hasn't been to a doctor since she was a year old, so the only doctor she knows is our chiropractor=) She sat on my lap and opened her mouth like such a big girl. I'm sure the chamomilla helped. Now she talks and eats like nothing ever happened, though she puts her tongue up there all of the time. So, life has returned to normal for us, though she will not look like this again for many years...
Now she looks like this. Still absolutely adorable.

Oh, a mama's poor heart.


tracey clark said...

thank you for sharing your story. sigh. it's such a tug on the ole' mama heartstrings.

gardenmama said...

You're right, Tracey, it's so hard to see our little ones in pain, or to see them changing before our very eyes. If you're like me, you'll notice that moved tooth every time she smiles, and in every picture you take of her until it comes out. But, I'm sure she is just as beautiful as before it all happened.