Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Fam...... Our week

Remember this chair? This week has sort of slipped by for me, because I have spent most every minute of every day in that chair. I am so thankful for my mom, who has come over to help hold Hudson so I could get some things done, and she helped to get some of the clutter picked up. Thanks, Mama!

Hudson is starting to feel better, though nights are still hard and he still has some congestion and coughing. Hopefully in a few more days we will all be free from illness and we'll all feel good for the first time since Christmas! We've had a little break from the frigid weather (it got up to 40, I think, yesterday, which is about 40 degrees higher than it's been), so we've been able to breath a bit.

I hope you have had a good week!


Courtney said...

oh no! well at least that chair looks so comfy! coughing and congestion -- it seems like we just can not get away from it and our little man are suffering through it! hope all is well soon!

gardenmama said...

Courtney, doesn't it seem like the coughs are the hardest things to get rid of? Hudson is doing some better during the day, but at night it's still pretty bad because he is laying down. He is sleeping better between coughing spells, so I guess that is improvement. I guess I'll take whatever improvement I can =)