Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Fam.... A week in our home

We have had some very very cold weather this week, including below zero temps. Libby still wanted to go outside, though, so a very good friend of mine came over with her two girls, and the two older girls went out to play in the snow (Hudson and I were out there, too, but he was on my back). Once they were chilled to the bone (which didn't take very long) we all came inside and the girls warmed up under a blanket. I find it very comical to see pictures of Libby and Mallie together, because though Mallie is so much taller than Libby, she's only 3 months older.
And today we went to see our wonderful chiropractor, Dr. Letty. This is a monthly thing, and Libby does really well. Hudson still cries, but he'll get used to it. Our visits to Dr. Letty are life savers, because by the time that four weeks roll around, boy we all need it.

Have a great weekend! Try to stay warm, and if you live in warm weather, I wish I was there!


Jenny said...

So sweet Megan! I love those pictures. I am so glad Mallie and Libby are such good friends and get along so well!

gardenmama said...

Jenny, I'll email you all of the pictures, there are a few more than I showed. They had such a fun time together. I'm glad they're such good friends, too.

Rebecca said...

hey!!! how have you been? i got a new camera for Christmas and i am still trying to learn it- what kind to you use??

oh yeah- i am doing a giveaway - carnival style- over at my blog... come check it out
it is my way a celebrating a recent photo contest win

Courtney said...

adorable photos. very cold! hot chocolate will be made this evening :)

enjoy your weekend!

Shauna said...

Hope you have a beautiful weekend! ♥ Hugs :)

gardenmama said...

Hey Becca! I have an Olympus Evolt E500. It's 8 megapixels, because when I got it that was pretty good;)
It takes really good shots. I've been happy with it. How have you been?

Courtney, it has been so very cold!! Yumm, hot chocolate is a great idea!

Shauna, we have had a good snowy weekend so far, thanks!