Thursday, December 18, 2008

One of those mornings

This morning is one of those mornings. It's one of those mornings where Scott wakes me up before he leaves for work and I had just gotten settled into the best sleep all night. One of those mornings that follow a night where Hudson cried all night long. A night where at one point Hudson slept for 17 minutes before waking up again, and then slept another 20 minutes. It was a night where he gets mad because he's not getting much milk, but that's because he had been nursing hourly the whole night. This morning follows a night that followed a day where Hudson tried to poo all day pretty much unsuccessfully due to his body trying to handle the increasing amount of food he has been demanding from me. This is a morning where I can hear Hudson sleep hiccuping on the monitor because of all the crying he did last night (in our bed...beside my arms...just had to add that). It's a morning where the minute I come downstairs Libby says she wants to nurse, which she does every morning, but this morning follows a night where I nursed all night long. And this morning has me nearly falling sleep nursing said little girl while her baby brother sleeps soundly all morning to make up for the sleep he didn't get all night. Sigh.

Do you have mornings like this?


Anonymous said...

Uggg! And I thought my morning was bad! Hope you get a nap today!!

kendra said...

Oh my goodness, I've had my fair share of those kinds of mornings. Our youngest was never a gifted nighttime sleeper & always an eager nurser for his first 16 months and our oldest was an early riser. Tough times. You earn your badge of motherhood on those days.

Courtney said...

oh I feel your sleepy eyes. we had a long night too. but my little man wasn't crying (thank goodness), just wanted to play with me. but it was a tough morning. hope you got some rest today!

gardenmama said...

Thanks for the sentiments, friends.
I did get a little bit of a nap today.
Dawn, did you hear the pounding from the guys putting the siding on our neighbor's house today? Miraculously I was able to nap even regardless of the racket they were making.

Kendra, so far neither of my kids have been good sleepers. Libby was always a 45 minute napper, spent at least an hour awake almost every night, and cried a lot during the night. She now naps for only an hour during the day, and wakes up really early. Hudson is a better napper, but on a really great night he is up 3 times. Maybe eventually I'll get one of those dream sleepers =)

Courtney, my kids always are grumpy during the night. We never get out of bed, even when they're awake for a few hours, so maybe they get grumpy because they get bored in the dark with Mama trying to sleep beside them. Lets hope for better nights tonight!

roseymama said...

Oh Megan, as my mother always says, this too shall pass;-) You are such a wonderful mother--how lucky for your little ones to have you!

Qtpies7 said...

Wow! I don't miss those days! Sam still has sleepless nights at 2, but they are getting to maybe twice a week now. But the nursing is done! We can put on our DVR'd episodes of the Justice League and he will at least be quiet and watch it, so we can sleep on the couch with him some. But the screaming...... I hate those nights.

Maybe I don't want another baby.

Thanks for the comment on my dating post. Drew's girlfriend ended up emailing me over it, it was nice.
I tried letting Drew date when he was 16, it was not pretty. We ended up forcing him to break up. We took away almost every bit of freedom he had. The girl, and her MOM, snuck around behind my back and met with him, encouraged him to accuse us of child abuse so he could go in foster care and date her, etc. It was ugly.
Now we go with our gut and don't allow dating.