Friday, February 24, 2012

This morning

This morning I am loving:

* my morning coffee

*that my husband has been incredibly busy for the past two weeks and has still maintained a kind and loving disposition

*how joyful my 5 year old is, and how easily she can be brought to giggles (which is what one of her favorite uncles has actually nicknamed her)

*how my sweet, tenderhearted boy calls my almost 2 year old "fweetie" (for "sweetie")

*how my baby girl is so grown up, has an incredible vocabulary, and is figuring out just what role she plays in this family

*the 40 Days in the Word  study that my church and small group are doing; awesome!!

*that Spring seems to be showing up here and there; I have seen some crocuses blooming and my daffodils are just about to as well

*the anticipation I feel about getting my hands in the soil of my vegetable garden, and seeing just what this growing season will bring

Happy Friday to you all! We have a very special weekend coming up, as we celebrate our third and final baby turning 2. So much joy, so much emotion.

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