Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seasons of Marriage

 Life has ebbs and flows. Just as the weather changes through the seasons, so does a marriage. The way you feel about your spouse is never a constant. There will inevitably be "winter" times, when it seems like you are cold and distant from one another. These times may last a few days, or months, or even years in some marriages, if a couple gets into the habit of not resolving conflict and harboring resentment that builds over time. This is a season during which a lot of marriages end in divorce, because it is in these times that it seems like you will never be happy together.
If your marriage is in a "winter" season, don't despair. If you would make the conscience effort to turn to one another and work to rebuild your relationship, you will begin to feel the coldness fade, and new growth will take it's place.
The "springtime" in marriage is filled with new wonder and possibilities, as a couple rediscovers their love for one another and begins to enjoy each other again. This doesn't usually happen over night, but gradually, as you work towards one another instead of away. Even the deepest "winter" season in marriage can always be transformed into a "spring" season, but it does take determination and work.

No matter how long you have been married, you can do your best to keep your marriage from sinking into a "winter" season. If you determine to put any past hurts behind you, always address conflict when it arises or within 24 hours, learn how to communicate your needs to your spouse and understand your spouse's needs as well, and learn how to respect your husband or love your wife, you will find that the ebbs and flows of your marriage will never dip too low, and will be filled with plenty of sunshine.

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Kim | At Home With Kim said...

Marriage is a gift... and a treasure that needs to be nourished daily. Great post!