Monday, February 23, 2009

Another pause

Sorry to not be posting my menu today. I got some health news this morning that is probably fine (throw up a prayer for me and my family if you want), but I am doing some research, loving on my babies, and trying my best to trust God with all things.

I will get back to posting when things get back to normal, but please forgive me for taking a few days.

Enjoy these next few days, and I promise I will be back soon.


Kendra said...

I hope everything turns out to be just fine with you! You are in my thoughts!

Jessie said...

I love you , Megan, and no one EXPECTS you to post anything! :) Take care of youself and I am here if you need anything...seriously... I don't do anything and would love to help!

Courtney from mommie blogs said...

praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Megan, I pray that all is ok. You know if you need anything, I am right next door!
On another note, I went to a party on Sat. in Columbus (thanks for keeping an eye out for Courtney by the way) and someone had made pepperoni rolls! I couldn't quit eating them! I got the stuff to make them at the store yesterday. I didn't feel like cooking today with this cold Randy and I have, so we have been eating the chili I made yesterday. Maybe later this week!
Take care and call if you need anything!!