Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Those eyes

They tell so much.

Octamom issued a challenge of sorts, to shed some light on your eyes. She has some amazing green eyes, and her husband has blue. This resulted in a beautiful array of color in the eyes of their children. You should hop on over and check them out.

Scott's eyes are green, but when I enlarged the picture of his eyes, I discovered some hidden brown.

I come from a family of crystal blue eyes, and my eyes also have a hint of green.

When Libby was born, her eyes were so dark blue that they almost looked black. They lightened up to a clear grayish-blue, with that beautiful dark blue ring around the outside.

Hudson was also born with the almost black eyes, and now he has the bright bright blue.

Alright, let's see yours!


Courtney said...

octamom clan = beautiful eyes. but I must say you and your clan have some gorgeous specks too :)

gardenmama said...

Thanks, Courtney. I think my little ones have pretty eyes, too, but I'm partial=)