Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My little fireball

Notice the subtle movement of his arm as he smacks at me. This time? He wanted the phone.


Anonymous said...

So, I was outside sweeping the snow off the steps yesterday and I look over to see the cutest little red head peeking over the window sill at me!! I am used to Libby, but Hudson was a surprise!

gardenmama said...

Lol, I heard him talking to you. I knew it wouldn't be long before he discovered the wonders that can be found by looking out the window. Now you will have to have conversations with two little faces all summer.

Octamom said...

He is just adorable! Love the expression!


gardenmama said...

Thanks! He is definitely full of expression. Both of my kids are, actually. It has been a shock of sorts for me having Hudson after I had Libby. Libby did cry all of the time, but she never really (until recently) had a temper. This guy? My-oh-my.