Sunday, April 22, 2012

A whirlwind and The Newsboys

Wow. So the story was obviously choreographed by God, and it goes like this:

This past Wednesday afternoon, Libby came running inside to tell me that I HAD to go outside to see what she wrote down the walkway in our back yard. I followed her out there, and listened and watched as she showed me how she wrote the lyrics of her favorite song, by the Newsboys, "God is not dead, he is surely alive. He's living on the inside, roaring like a lion."

I, of course, was very proud of her and was moved that this is what comes out of her heart. That evening, when we got home from church, Scott was out back taking out the trash when he saw her lyrics for the first time. He was moved to tears. She is six, is in kindergarten, and pouring out of her are songs about God.

The next morning, Scott sent an email to three of our pastors (who are also very good friends of ours) from church, encouraging them and telling them how much he appreciates them and how they teach and love our children and ourselves, and that he is seeing the fruit of that in our family. Right after one of the pastors read the email, he posted on Facebook about what Libby had written in chalk. I didn't know he had done this because I am not on Facebook, but three minutes later one of my brothers sent me a text with an image of the pastor's status update about Libby. My brother then posted something about it on HIS Facebook status, which my mom saw and then posted on HER status. Another of my brothers happened to be on Facebook at the same time, and he saw my mom's post. He replied to her that he was actually going to be seeing the Newsboys in a few days. My mom stopped by later in the afternoon on Thursday so she could see the walk way for herself, and when she was here she told me and Libby about how my brother and sister-in-law were going to be seeing the Newsboys in a few days.

On Friday morning, my sister-in-law was talking to my mom about the possibility of my mom going up for the concert, and by the afternoon it was decided that Libby would be able to go as well. My sister-in-law was part of the group of people who set the whole concert up, and they were able to figure out the ticket situation. When I got up Saturday morning, I saw a text from my sister-in-law from really late Friday night saying that they were able to get a ticket for me if I wanted to go as well. 

So, on Saturday afternoon, three days after Libby was writing the lyrics of her favorite song, she and I and my mom were in the car on our way to see the Newsboys in concert. We left right after her Saturday afternoon soccer game and got back this afternoon right before her Sunday afternoon soccer game.

My Libby girl not only got to go to her first ever concert, but it was one of her favorite bands. She had to wait through three hours of concert before her song was played, and by then she was almost asleep in my arms. But, as soon as they began playing the first notes of the song, she perked up and belted out the words with everyone else in the auditorium.
God loves each of His children, and He has good plans for us. The smile on my little girl's face before the music even began says it all :)

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