Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I surrender

This song is my banner lately. Life is hard, when you are trying to do it right, and sometimes there is a major battle going on in my rebel heart. I raise my white flag, and surrender all to the One who made me, and knew what He was doing the whole time.

 "The battle rages on, as storm and tempest roar. We cannot win this fight inside our rebel hearts. We're laying down our weapons now. We raise our white flag, we surrender all to You. All for You. We raise our white flag,  the war is over. Love has come. Your love has won."

This freedom song is marching on!

I want to live like that! Every day. Every minute. It doesn't just happen, it is a choice.


Beth said...

You bring up a very important point, Megan, we must make the "choice" to surrender it all to God. He is a gentleman and doesn't force us to do his will. But people often forget this and wonder why they continue to struggle. Great post and song!

Megan Elzey said...

"But people often forget this and wonder why they continue to struggle." Boy, have I been there! Sometimes the reality that we have to make the choice every day, sometimes several times a day can be wearying, but making the right choice always brings freedom!