Monday, November 3, 2008

A short break and a beautiful Selah

I am taking a short break from Fall's 30 beautiful things (only a few more to go!) for a brief talk about politics. I know it's not 'politically appropriate' to talk about politics and religion, but I'm going to tak about them both right now =)

Sarah Palin came through our town yesterday! I went with a few of my friends to see her, but we didn't get there in enough time to get close. These pictures were actually taken by my neighbor. There was a huge spotlight that was wreaking havoc on my camera, so I didn't get any good shots!
Here's the thing. This is a really tough time right now in the economy and in life in general, and it is leaving everyone wondering what the future holds. It is so easy to get caught up in the hype of one thing or another, and to leave a huge chunk of our lives in the hands of politicians. This is where the religion part comes in, and I don't mean mind numbing religion. I mean an active and real relationship with Jesus. This is where our hope lies. Octamom posted a wonderful reminder of this yesterday. The reality and truth is that no matter what, God holds our future. The Bible says that God knows the plans He has for us (Jer. 29:11), and it says that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ (Romans 8:38 & 39). Those words are true and everlasting. We don't have to worry about them bankrupting, or changing, or leaving. No matter the results of the election (and trust me, I do worry about certain "changes" that will happen if Barack Obama becomes president, I really worry), we can trust that God will not leave us, He will not forsake us, and no matter what, He holds our future in His hands. And the good thing about that is that He promises good things for those that follow Him (Jer. 29:11). Even if that means things getting worse and everything falling apart. He knows, and He is here, and even if it isn't good again until Heaven, boy it will be worth the wait.
So as you go to vote tomorrow, vote in peace knowing that no matter what happens, if you are a follower of Christ, you will be okay whatever the outcome. He promises it and He doesn't lie.
Oh, and speaking of wreaking havoc, my boy is finally crawling!!!!


roseymama said...

Uh oh so don't want to read the post I'm working on right now:-) I heart Obama.
Just out of curiosity, what do you think about those who don't believe in Jesus, and follow a different religion (which is most of the world)?

the mommie of mommie blogs said...

Very well put. And a timely reminder. Thank you!

NatureMama said...

Wow, what great shots! I haven't put mine on the computer yet to see how they turned out. I love your post. Thank you for putting it so beautifully.
I have to say, personally, that every day I pray for those who don't have a personal relationship with Christ and don't value all human life above all in His name, as He created it. Because I love every soul that He has created, and I wish for them to know the joy that knowing Him could bring to their lives. It's kind of like being in love, and wishing all of your friends could feel the same way, because you know just how wonderful it is...

gardenmama said...

Hey Jenny! I can't speak for any other religions or for people who don't believe in Jesus. What I do know is what the Bible says, and Jesus tells me to love Him, and love other people. I do think that there are probably more people who believe in Jesus and have a relationship with Him than you might think.

gardenmama said...

Hi mommie blogs! Thanks for your comment. My prayer in writing the post was that I could give others hope.

And Leslie. I'm anxious to see your pictures. It was nice to be able to share that experience with you!

roseymama said...

Oh, I know there are lots who are Christian, especially in the US:-) I think that is great! I just know (fact-wise) that other religions are bigger in terms of populations worldwide. I was just curious what you thought because your post was specifically about politics and Christianity, not other religions, that is all:-):-)
Enjoy the day! It is beautiful!

Jessie said...

Hey Megan :)
I got your message late the other day...sorry about not getting back with you. Thanks for thinking of me! I would love to have gone, but was busy :( Sounds like it was great though!
I voted today :) It feels good to have it over with. I am nervous about results.
I don't agree that most of the world follows another religion. There are many religions, yes, but I don't believe that Christianity is so out numbered. It is scrutinized and knocked more than any others. As with politics, it depends on what station you watch, what books you study, what articles you read as to what kind of information and statistics you get.
I'm just sayin'

Jessie said...

PS - Yea! for Hudson!!

roseymama said...

First off, I didn't mean it as an insult:-) I was simply just curious on the subject Megan was discussing what she thought about with the other religions. And, I just did a quick check on google (including 2 Christian sites, so I'm definitely not being biased. It is a matter of fact taking census reports.) that all say Christianity was 33% in 2004, and now, well the 2007 census, is at 30% of the world population. That 30% is tied with Muslims and Hindu is next. Then about a dozen or so make up the rest. Sooooo 70% of the world follows a different religion....which I'd say 70% is most of the world.
I really didn't mean to start a debate about how many Christians were out there.

roseymama said...

Whoops--I meant a dozen or so other religions make up the rest. I didn't quite say that correctly.

Just an FYI: I'm not trying to start anything here....I am currently in a state of learning about religions and spirituality for myself and my family, and I was just curious what Megan thought. I hold her opinion very high:-)

Megan, you out to post about politics and Christianity more....You get an awful lot of responses.

Anonymous said...

For me, putting all of this in God's hands is really all I can do (besides go vote). I have Faith and am a naturally optimistic person, so I will just hope for the best. Your words were beautifully and simply put.
By the way, I had fun playing with Libby yesterday, she is such a joy. I love kids innocence and exuberance.

gardenmama said...

Thank you Dawn. And Libby enjoyed playing with you, too. It's so nice for me to have great neighbors who enjoy Libby's company. It's nice to know that I can trust her with you.