Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just in time

This was the view out our windows this morning. They even canceled school where Scott teaches. It's nice that he's home today, but it's not even Thanksgiving, and they only have 4 snow days left!

Well, I finished Hudson's hat this morning, just in time for this snowy weather. I still have to add a button to close it, though. I am pretty proud of it, since it's only the third thing I have made (Libby's scarf, below, and a teddy bear being the first two things). I am going to start next on some mittens for him.

Enjoy the snow if you've got it!


NatureMama said...

Oh, Megan, his hat is PERFECT! I love that color on him. I knew I loved the color, but hadn't even thought of it on him! Congrats!

gardenmama said...

Thanks! I was so proud of it when I put it on him and it fit! I think Scott finally got tired of me talking about it, though of course he never said so ;)

Anonymous said...

The hat and scarf are adorable! How nice that they can wear something their "mama" made them! I have to admit, I am a little bit jealous of your knitting abilities!
Hope your taco soup came out ok!

gardenmama said...

I have wanted to know how to knit for some time now. I finally just taught myself, and now am in a group with great friends who also knit. It's fun!
The taco soup turned out great. Thanks!

Qtpies7 said...

Wow! Great job! I have only dared to make dish cloths so far, lol. Oh, wait, not true, I made a pair of baby legwarmers and a scarf. But mostly I forgot how to knit, because I haven't touched it in months.
I really want to pick it up again. I probably will now that my husband is laid off and will have to share my computer with him.

Thanks for your encouraging words. It is hard not to panic, but at the same time, I remember all that God has done, and I know that He will come in and provide a way, or a better way. But even if we go through bad stuff first, it will be for our spiritual good in the long run. Eternal good is better than earthly good. Just isn't fun to go through.

Count it all Joy.

gardenmama said...

Qtpies7, I know what you mean. I look back over the journey that we've taken in the last few years and I wonder why we had to take it, but then when I look closer I see how each thing shaped us in some way.
You know, knitting may be just what you need right now.