Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Libby 2 yr 7 month, Hudson 10 months

Ever since Hudson was born, I have tried to take regular pictures of Libby and Hudson together. It is so hard for me to believe how much littler she was then than she is now. I just finished up a tape in our video camera today, so I rewound the whole thing and Libby and I watched it from the beginning. She loved seeing herself, of course, and I couldn't believe how little she was! She was 14 months old when I started the tape, and she was just learning how to walk. It was fun to see her progress in her movement and words. I'm so glad that I have that video record of her (and him, of course), because the pictures just don't do it justice, for me. So the above picture is when Hudson was a week old, and Libby was 21 months old. The pictures below are from a few minutes ago. Libby is 2 years and 7 months old, and Hudson is 10 months old. These were just 10 months ago, and look at how they have changed! Man, oh, man, I can't believe how time flies! I would really be blown away, I'm sure, if I got out the tape from her first year and watched it as well.

And Libby can't be near Hudson for more than a few minutes before this happens...


Anonymous said...

Really Megan, you have got to quit starving that boy!!:) The change is amazing! You don't realize it so much because you see them everyday, until you look back. Seems like not so long ago when Courtney and Ty were that age, so cute!

gardenmama said...

I know, I know=) He has actually just finally (as in the last week or two) started demanding that I feed him something other than nursing. Before, he would show all of the signs of "being ready" to eat food, but when I gave him a bite he would gag and cough like I had poisoned him (even with something smooth like yogurt). Now he will sit there and growl and grunt at me until I give him a bite (and only occasionally gag).