Monday, November 17, 2008

The inevitable

The snow has come. It greeted us this morning with a light blanket of white on the grass and bushes. Ahhh. It's finally here. So, on this cold snowy morning, I will warm my hands and body with a cup of coffee, and hold on just one more time to the warmer (though still chilly, on this particular day) days of Fall. As you can see above, the kids loved throwing the biggest rocks they could into the puddles.

And finally, on our way back, the Mamas gave in and let the kiddos do what they had been wanting to do the whole time. We let them run and jump in the big puddles until they were laughed out and chilled to the bone.

This is when you know they've had a great time...

Bundle up, and let the cold weather come, my friends =)


Anonymous said...

Ewwwww! Looks like fun! Keep in touch this winter, even though you live right next door, we may barely see each other!:)

kendra said...

What a great walk you went on. I'm envious of your snow. We don't get snow here, in fact we are having some freak warm streak - over 80 degrees! I'm wishing we had some snow actually.

Jessie said...

That looked great! Where was your walk taken?
Made me smile :)

the mommie of mommie blogs said...

looks like everyone had a fabulous day! and snow? we are supposed to get a few flurries this week. I just want to hold onto Fall a few more weeks :)

gardenmama said...

Dawn, yeah, they were a muddy happy mess! I'm sure you'll see Libby out in the snow quite a bit more this winter than she was last year. We'll see!

Kendra, boy do I wish for warm weather, especially in the middle of winter here. We got our first real snow last night, but now by the early afternoon it's almost all melted.

Jessie, we hiked at the Broughten Nature Trail. It's out towards Devola and near the Lower Salem entrance to the Interstate. Lots of nature there.

Mommie blogs, waking up to the snow we had this morning, I have finally said a last farewell to Fall.