Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thankful today...

Thankful today...

*that most people have been restored power, and praying that those who still haven't will find a respite from the intense heat;

*that those who I know and love have only suffered inconvenience from the storms, and not injury;

*for grace, and the fact that He gives it without keeping count;

*for my husband, who is full of unselfish love and unending patience as he walks this path of life with me;

*for my athlete daughter, who is boldly and decisively making her own way, figuring out (not always happily) what it means to be growing into a young girl and leaving some of the child behind;

*for my boy, lanky arms and legs, always exploding things, racing cars, sound effects, and fighting the bad guys, filled with equal parts warrior and love;

*for my baby, who is no more baby than I am unicorn, abounding in "I do it" and "my turn", happy to do her thing as long as she can still come and climb up in my lap for some cuddles;

*for His provision in every single thing we need, and even a few things we want.

What is filling your heart with thankfulness this day?


NatureMama said...

Thankful for His patience with me as I learn to use mine, and so thankful for His hand of protection over a friend as a tree fell during the storm into the bed three feet from her son where she had been lying just minutes before. So many blessings.

Lauren said...

Today I am thankful that God has blessed my hubby and I to purchase a new home, and for two healthy beautiful kids. I loved this post! So quickly we forget all that God has done sometimes. :) Blessings, Lauren,

Megan Elzey said...

Oh my, Les! Definitely, God is good! And by the way, I would love to have an ounce of the patience (and yes, Judy had it right, grace) that you exhibit every day.

Lauren, it is so good to hear that you have bought a house. The market it not good right now! Blessings to you as well :)

Anonymous said...

So thankful for children (and children-in-law 8-) ) who love the lord and are raising their children to do the same. What an incredible blessing! Mom