Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In the moments

Summer is about sun and hot and sticky, sweaty heads.

It's about swimming and "watch me jump off the ladder" and "count how long I can stay under water!"

There are cookouts and juicy cheeseburgers and salty corn on the cob and ketchup and mustard and pickles.

It is swinging and running and playing and the big girl riding her "two wheel" bike.

It's trying to get the dog to chase the rabbits out of the garden (only to have him stare at them before running in the other direction).

It's Daddy home for a few weeks in a row.

And it's hushed, sweet milky moments with Remi, hair wet from bath and eyes sleepy from the day, as I cuddle her to quiet.

There are squeals of delight as my babies run from, or take straight on, water from the hose.

I see bare-bottomed children streaking through the house, naked to stay cool, or just because they haven't gotten dressed yet.

It's sitting down with friends while the children play together so the grown ups can have some grown up talk.

It is life, and it is mine, and each day is a gift straight from my Father.

Enjoy this summer day :)


Anonymous said...

Lovely, Meg! Mom

Anna said...

I love this post! Sometimes I get too wrapped up in the seemingly constant and endless conflicts (I have 2 daughters under age 5)...that I forget to stop and notice the beauty of the moment. I have realllly been struggling with this in the last couple of weeks, and thank you for the very timely, needed reminder!!!!

Denise said...

Like this post so much.