Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My 100th post! And what an unusual sight

So this is my 100th post, and boy is it worthy! We had some very unusual weather the Saturday after Christmas. These pictures were taken in my back yard, in the end of December, in Southeastern Ohio, in 70 degree weather.

Scott was still recovering from the virus that has run through all of us but Hudson so far (poor Libby is still recovering today), so Libby and I took advantage of the beautiful weather to get some way over-do stuff done in the yard and garden. Libby took her shoes off after, ohh, 10 minutes outside, and then her shirt followed about 20 minutes later.
She helped me pull up dead flowers, a few weeds, and then ran off to do some much needed outside play.

And look what we found! A long forgotten potato! You'll have to look sideways, because for some reason it got uploaded sideways.

Have you had any unexpecteds happen this Christmas?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you've done 100 of these!! I'm sorry you all got sick!I hope it doesn't fly over to our house!! Randy saw Libby outside with her shoes off, we missed the shirt! She must've been confused and thought it was spring already!! I went that day with my sister and her family to her best friends "so old that it's on the historical register" farmhouse that they are restoring. It is 18miles out 26, across from the Hune covered bridge. We spent a little time outside with my bother-in-law showing us all how you can throw a pebble near a bat when it it flying and it thinks it is a bug and catches it in the air! Now, that was unexpected!!One went after a rock that hit the ground and her CAT jumped on the BAT! The kids were especially amazed.Did you know they did that? Happy New Year if I don't see you tomorrow!

Courtney said...

congrats on your 100th post. no unexpected happens yet, but we still have tonight :)

happy new year

gardenmama said...

Hey Dawn, boy did we ever get sick, and Libby worst of all. She sure had a good time outside before she got sick, though.
Actually, I have heard that about bats before. My dad used to live in Florida, and when we would go there to visit him we would go out in the evenings with socks filled with dirt (enough to make a ball at the foot of them) and throw them up in the air. The bats would sometimes grab hold of them and then the socks would pull them to the ground before the bats let go. You never think far enough ahead, though, to know what to do if a bat actually does come to the ground =)

Courtney, thanks=) Happy New Year to you, as well. It seems unreal to me that it's actually January, since Christmas and New Years came and went with us sick. Hopefully that's our sick for the year!