Monday, December 15, 2008

A Christmas tradition

Every year since the first Thanksgiving and Christmas since Scott and I got married, on the weekend after Thanksgiving we decorate the house for Christmas and take a family picture to put on our Christmas cards. This year things were a little off with Scott having to work different hours, and I just got around to taking our picture a few nights ago. It actually went a lot better than I imagined it would go with two kids under 3, especially with a 12 second timer! If I didn't say anything and left the eye directing to Scott, they both looked at the camera perfectly. If I even breathed loud, Hudson looked around at me, and Libby started moving. I love her big girl forced smile! =)

Happy memory building!

Edited to add: Scott and I are on our knees in the picture. Our tree is not nearly that tall, and I am not that similar in height to Scott=)


roseymama said...

So cute!!! I love you guys all super close together and the tree behind...lovely!

gardenmama said...

Thanks. It's so funny to think back and realize that in every Christmas picture but the first one after Scott and I got married, I have either been pregnant or had a new addition to the family.