Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The fingers are a'flying

And now we eagerly count the days until Christmas, the season that celebrates the birth of our Savior. We are trying even more this season to not commercialize Christmas. We are trying to get the big things that the babes need/want (like a car seat for Hudson, a bike for Libby) from grandparents, and to handmake the things that they will be getting from us. I am making a whole slew of knitted farm animals for Libby and I am making play silks for her. I will be dying one green for grass with a blue "pond" for ducks and a brown "mudpit" for piggies. Then I'm going to go out to my parents house and gather small twigs and sticks to make a fence to house all of the animals. I am finishing up my first horse (I had to pause that project to hurry and retry his mittens so he could wear them when we go out hiking today, they are turning out better this time). I'll share pics when it's finished. There are also plans for making felt balls, and some teddy bears and rabbits for Hudson and friends. I've also got something special up my sleve for my knitting buddies, but I can't share that here, cause they read this=) I've got to get to work! If I don't post as frequently these next few weeks, it's because I am trying (and thoroughly enjoying) making these gifts for the people that I love. Enjoy this season, friends, for it truly is magical.

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