Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yay, pumpkins!

I am just completely amazed at how the one pumpkin seed that I left in the garden is growing. This picture was taken two days ago. I think it might be just about done growing, or at least it hasn't been growing as prolifically as it was before. I don't know if you can tell, but it goes down the little hill and then comes back up. There are several little pumpkins growing on it, but there's one that is growing as quickly as the plant itself grew. This picture was taken 7 days ago.

And this picture was taken 2 days ago. In a matter of 5 days (5 days!!) is grew from that little thing to this! Since the seed planted itself earlier than it is recommended to plant pumpkins, I am assuming that these guys will be done well before Halloween time.

Once I gave my cucumber plant a little space to breathe (you can see it dwarfed just in front of the pumpkins in the picture at the top, right along the side of the garden) it started producing itty bitty cucumbers, although the few that are there are growing quite quickly as well. I can already taste them soaked in vinegar, just like my grandma did them!

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