Sunday, July 27, 2008

Flower garden

Here are some pictures of my flowers in full bloom. I have my sunflowers from Libby's spring birthday party. I had set the sunflower seeds in a bowl and each participant got to plant some to take home. When the party was over, Scott was helping me clean up outside and he just tossed the rest of the seeds in the flower bed beside the picnic table. He picked up the bowl of leftover dirt and asked me what to do with it, and I said, "I guess you should put it over top of the sunflowers that you just planted." For whatever reason, he didn't realize that those were real sunflowers.

Then we have the yellow Mum that grew back by itself from last Fall. I had set the three dead Mums behind the house last winter and never got around to doing anything with them. Then I noticed this spring that the one started to get green again. So here it is, July, and I have a fully blooming Mum. (I actually have a big pot of Pansies that did the very same thing. I guess I benefit from being too lazy to clean out pots of old dead flowers.)

Next we have the Galartia that is just ginormous. I transplanted a small bit of it last summer from my mom's house, and it got huge. Beautiful fallish oranges and yellows.

And finally is my cone flower (Echinacea). I love the color of these, as they throw their arms back and reach their nose to Heaven.

What do you have blooming in your yard?

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