Thursday, July 10, 2008

Garden bugs

Well, I am finally posting about the garden bugs that I came across last week. It's time for audience participation time(assuming that there is an audience, of course), because I have only a slight idea of what these bugs are. If anyone out there knows, I would love the insight=) Here is the first big ol' bug. I'm thinking maybe potato beetle?

And here are the other ones. I've heard of June bugs, but have never really seen what they are. Is that what these are? They sure are pretty, but as you can see on the flower leaves, they do some damage. We will assume that the two on the right are fighting to get to the same spot on the leaf.

I also came across several pretty ladybugs, which I learned are good. I have seen quite a few honey bees, too, which is encouraging compared to the last few years. They make me nervous, though, with Libby and me running around barefoot. This has been a big step for me, because I am very squeemish around any type of bug.


NatureMama said...

I'll look in to the possible potato beetle... I'm thinking they are black, but not certain. Are there a lot of the beetles? Those pretty colored beetles (okay, I admit they are pretty) are one of a gardners worst enemies - Japanese Beetles. At least that's what Daddy always called them, and I know they can just about kill off a rose bush. The eat up a storm. I have never had a really bad infestation of them, though, and unless they are terrible wouldn't worry about looking into natural ways to rid my plants of them. I'm interested to find out about the big beetle, though. He has a nice set of pinchers! And since I'll be gardening more every year, I'll have to stock up on my knowledge of those pesky, damaging garden bugs!

gardenmama said...

I only saw one of the big beetles. I actually tried to put a little piece of dried up weed (so, pretty thick hard type) in front of it's face to see if it would get it with the pinchers, but it didn't. It had more of a brownish look to it.
There are several of the Japanese Beetles, but they are mostly on the zinnias. I haven't really noticed them on any of the veggies. I guess if they stay on the flowers instead of the veggies, the flowers are serving their purpose.