Thursday, July 3, 2008

More garden thoughts

Here are a few things that I discovered in my garden today. The picture on the top is of my poor cucumbers. This is after I dug up the potatos that were hogging their space, so hopefully with a little room to breathe they will survive. The second picture is of my biggest suprise. I still have carrots! I thought that all but the two that are hiding in my marigolds (right and down)got eaten, but there they were, trying their best to do what they were put in the ground to do. The carrots that somehow got in between the marigolds are doing great. I just hope they don't taste like marigold. Between the marigold carrots and the mysterious potato plant that is growing right in the middle of my garden, I swear I'm not going to plant at sunset again.

More to come, including garden bugs and...wait for it...

I have pumpkins!!


roseymama said...

Looks lovely! I bet your carrots will taste great:-)

Jessie said...

Hey - marigolds probably protected your carrots! I planted them around my strawberries to guard them from worked - but didn't protect them from the birds!!!! I bet they'll taste fine!