Friday, June 15, 2012

From my Kitchen Friday: Calzones!

Friday night is Pizza night, and after several different attempts I have yet to find a really good pizza crust recipe. But, I have found an awesome calzone recipe, and for the last several weeks we have had them on Pizza night. It is so yummy, and since we each get our own, the kids get to pick what they want and make their own.

You want to know the secret? The dough is made in the bread machine, so it's so simple!

Have a great weekend!


Diane said...

Bread machines are awesome, but it's also a great stress relief to whack some dough around "kneading" it!. What a nice idea for supper, and great that everyone can make theirs to their own taste.

Diane, visiting via Company Girls

Nicole said...

That's such a neat way to include the kids! I find the dough is so important- it can make or break a meal. Looks very good :)

Susan Evans said...

I love calzones. They are like pizza, but less messy. Unfortunately I don't have a bread machine, but they still come out good when I make them. My kids like to help with cooking when they can put spoons full of food onto a square of dough, and then fold it up.