Sunday, August 17, 2008


After a brief hiatus, I am back. I appologize that I have not posted anything new for over a week. This has been a week of many things, for me and my family. It has been a week of filling up the love tank of my little girl by saying, "Yes, sweetheart" when she asks if I can play with her (instead of doing other things, like blogging). A week of discussions about how we can take a step back as a family and rediscover living naturally, both as a way of saving money and taking ourselves out of the fast paced life of a take-all-give-nothing consumer. It has also been a week of amazing weather, beckoning Libby to come outside and play with the neighbor boys, and demanding that we leave the windows open. And finally, it has been a last several days of sinus infections as a result of open windows and chilly nights. But, now here I am. I have lots to post about, but I will begin with these.

Here is Libby, almost 2 years ago at 6 months old.

And here is Hudson, a few days ago and almost at the end of his 6th month (already!!). There were a lot of pictures, and I may post some more because I love them so much, but these were the ones I liked a lot.

Oh, the wonderful itchy scratchiness of grass!
And check out that belly hanging over his dipe!

A quick stolen kiss from someone who loves him almost as much as mama does.

And a peek and a smile from underneath the thing he loves almost as much as he loves mama.

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