Friday, June 20, 2008


Just a couple of technical points. The comments section until now was set so only people with other blogs or Google accounts could post a comment, but now it is set so anyone can comment. Just an FYI in case anyone tried to comment but couldn't.
Also, in case anyone noticed the times of my previous posts and thought, "She's doing this in the middle of the night?" I wasn't. The time zone was set wrong, but is fixed now.


roseymama said...

Looks like you got it all figured out! I looove your pics, as always!

NatureMama said...

Hmmm, you read my mind! I WAS thinking you were crazy for being up at 1 am, and I had tried to post but couldn't... Once again paving the way for me to know what to look for when I finally get some time to work on my new blog! Thanks, Megan!
It seems like just yesterday when you would have been taking those beautiful pictures of Libby... Very neat that you posted them - a glimpse into the past.

gardenmama said...

Thanks! It is sort of wierd for me to look at these pictures and think about how much older Libby was in them than Hudson is now and they are the same size. Also, they look similar in some of them and nothing alike in others.

Jessie said...

Yeah! A new blogging friend!
Great pictures of your babes :) What a beautiful family :) Love ya!