Monday, June 23, 2008


How is it that patience can be so easy one day, and so elusive the next? Today is an elusive day. Today is one of those days where God is helping me learn patience, and I am needing all of the help I can get. Hudson is doing this most of the time, and Libby is doing her fair share as well. Libby has peed in her panties three times already after going more than a week with no misses. Hudson fights me trying to put him to sleep even though he is half asleep doing it. I feel a headache coming on already, and my husband won't be home until after dinner tonight. And then, just as I think I can't do any more of this day, Libby is sitting on my lap eating cottage cheese, and she looks at me and says, "Mama, I wanna wuv on you and eat cottage cheese" and then cuddles against me and finishes her snack. Oh, what it is to be a mommy.

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