Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This sweet boy has had us laughing from the very beginning.

This past Sunday, our pastor was talking about the treasure that is found between the covers of the Bible. It is a gift for us to grow on and also for us to share with others. As a demonstration, he asked if anyone wanted a Snickers. They were small-sized Snickers that came with two in a pack (get it, one for you, one to share!). After handing a few out, he went on with his sermon. Hudson, who was sitting with my mom a few feet away from me, looked up at her and said, "Where are MY stickers?" Confused, my mom asked him what he was talking about. He said, "He asked if anyone wanted stickers, and I raised my hand but I didn't get any!"


Anonymous said...

It was funny -when Mike first asked who would like a Snickers and Hudson wildly waved his hand, I was laughing because I didn't think he knew what that was. Then his confusion was so funny and so sweet. Mike thought it was hilarious! Oh, our sweet, funny boy. Just can't get enough of him! Mom

Megan Elzey said...

He can always be counted on for a laugh, whether he means to or not :) The ladies were checking diapers last night before the parents came to pick up the little ones, and Hudson said that they should check Remi. They reminded him that she is in panties, and he said, "You should just go ahead and check anyway, just to make sure."