Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Garlic and olive butter

I made some garlic and olive butter the other day that was just awesome. Ever since a bad case of pneumonia went through my kids earlier this year, it seems like their immune systems have been struggling to keep up. One of the things I have been doing to try to naturally boost their germ fighting abilities is to give them lots of garlic. Fortunately, my kids like this stuff :)
At first I was just planning on making some garlic butter to put on fresh bread for the kids, but then I remembered a yummy olive butter that I had at a restaurant and loved one time. I didn't think my kids would be crazy about the olive part, so I made their garlic butter first and then added olives to the left-over butter for me.
To make the garlic butter, I finely chopped up 4 cloves of fresh garlic, and sauteed/roasted them over low eat in just a dab of olive oil in a small skillet (so that it was basically dry cooking). I put a lid over top of the garlic as it was roasting and stirred every minute or so. I cooked just until the garlic was softening and starting to smell yummy. I added the garlic to about 3 to 4 Tbsp of room temperature butter (I knew I was going to do this ahead of time, so I set out my butter while I was making the bread) and mixed it together, adding just a pinch of salt.
I only had about a tbsp of butter left once I had buttered my three kids' pieces of warm bread, so I added another few tbsps more of the plain room temperature butter. Then I got a spoonful of green olives, finely shopped them, and added them, with another pinch of salt, to the garlic butter. 

 This was delicious!
 This was the first round, and each of us had seconds. The kids actually preferred the olive butter to the garlic butter. Now you can see why I need to make bread two loaves at a time :)

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