Friday, October 3, 2008

~ 5 & 6~

I thought I'd give you two pictures since I had to take a little break. That guy got caught after a full day of running from the police. He's now behind bars, thank God. Yesterday we finally felt safe enough to wander outside, though the wind was a little chilly! This first picture you will have to enlarge to see. Back under the marigolds sits the mama rabbit. I haven't seen any sign of the babies yet, but she's been under there for quite some time. After I took this picture, Libby tried to get a look and scared her off. On another note, I told you my marigolds were crazy! Plus, the rabbit has them all smashed down.One day I will be good enough to knit a hat like this one. It came with a matching sweater, and I just can't wait to see them on her together. Adorable! And the little strings tie together under her chin. We were outside snacking on our favorite snack of popcorn (I know, choking hazard) with brewer's yeast on it. If you haven't tried it, you must.


Lou said...

Very cute hat! :-)

gardenmama said...

Hello Lou! It's great to meet you. I see that you are a babywearing blogger as well. And soon to be wearing a wee babe. May you take great comfort in your children's faces and the sweetness of your baby in the time that your husband is serving our country. Thank you for the sacrifice that you as his wife make for this country as well. Our country is what it is because of brave soldiers like your husband, and strong spouses to support them.