Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beautiful: The songs of Spring

When I was outside yesterday looking around at all that was blooming (and getting my hands in the dirt of my vegetable garden for the first time this season, yay!), this beautiful guy was singing his heart out to his maiden (who I finally found in another tree a little ways away). The color of the sky was amazing, and he was just so red. The two just sang back and forth to each other, each with a different but similar melody. Beautiful.


Courtney said...

how beautiful and such a wonderful sign of spring.

oh and that the louisville cardinals are going to win the NCAA championship. we are big fans (my husband and fam are all from Louisville), so I am calling him in to see your picture :)

gardenmama said...

Thanks! Maybe it's a sign ;)

Anonymous said...

That's amazing. I wondered if you had gotten any pics of your little tree budding out. I am anxious to see what it does this year. Hope you aren't too sore from all of your hard work yesterday!

gardenmama said...

Oh Dawn, I'm sore from head to toe. I went to our chiropractor today and she made me sore, too. I just hope it's not worse tomorrow =)