Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Well, not crawling, but...

Rolling! Hudson has discovered the fine art of rolling. I mean, he has been rollong over for many many months now, but he has just figured out that rolling can get him somewhere! He figured it out this evening, and Scott and I are cracking up. Libby never did this, ever. We set him up, then in a matter of minutes he's in the other room, stuck under the dining room chairs and his high chair.

And he's this far away from us (not great picture quality, forgive me).
He will not just sit down, he is constantly trying to figure out how to crawl. I guess this rolling thing will have to do.

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NatureMama said...

Oh, that is way too cute! What a smart boy. I can just see him doing this his entire life - finding new, inventive, and Hudson-unique ways to solve his problems. Good thing he's going to be homeschooled!!!